Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Bastien and Bastienne:  "Žilina's children matiné is of high credit, I would like to mention very successful introduction of the shortened version of Bastien und Bastienne by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, under whose realization, apart from singing protagonists, the conductor Daniel Simandl and the humorous moderator Martin Vanek were signed."

Gaetano Donizetti – RITA: "A conductor with the feel for the singer highlighted the principle of Donizetti's musical abbreviation and his decent humour ... he managed to maintain a reasonable rhythmic pulse and by well-though out work with the pace he maintained even he dramatic pull, and moreover provided the listener with some nice small uncovered details." 

Gaetano Donizetti – RITA: "Daniel Simandl and the Orchestra of the Chamber Opera have successfully attempted to give the concert a contrast and a cadency."

Franz Lehar – The Count of Luxembourg: "The contact of the conductor with the singers and the musicians is intense and life-giving and sometimes even stirring."